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The process of baptizing your child (under age 7) takes about two months, including a meeting with a priest and completing the Baptism class. Godparents must also complete the class. 


Mothers who are six months pregnant are encouraged to begin the process.


Step One: Download Baptism Packet


Step Two: Book an Appointment with a Priest


Step Three: Submit Paperwork

Take a picture or scan the forms in the Baptism Packet and email to or you can print hard copies and drop off or mail to the parish office at 2217 J.F. Kennedy Boulevard Jersey City, New Jersey 07304. 


Once all of your paperwork has been received, you will then be contacted to arrange your child's Baptism date.


Baptism schedule:

Communal Baptism - Every first and third Sunday after the 12 noon mass. (Family and Godparents need to attend the mass)

Private Baptism - Saturdays between 11AM, 2PM, and other Sundays after 12 noon mass or 2PM.


Step Four: Donation

Communal Baptism:  $100

Private Baptism: $200

Baptismal Font

Baptism for Adult 18+ (Please call our Parish Office or email us at

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