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E-VANGELIZE the word of God to your Neighbor

Our kids are the current Catholic generation and they know their own language

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Mr. Richard Punzalan
Sr. Francesca Aneke
Mrs. Lidwynne Tapalla
Mrs. Gilda Salvo [Director of CCD]
Mrs. Laarni Dadulla
Fr. Ralph Siendo

Ms. Rowena Yaptangco
Sr. Esther Okonroma

Catechist 2022-2023

Religious Education

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

Children grade 1 to 8 in non-Catholic schools | An 8 years program for kids Catholic life religious formation

[Jesus way of Fun & Hybrid learning]

Please contact Mrs. Gilda Salvo -

RCIA | Rite of Christian Initiation for Adult

High school students | College students | Adults


Process of E-vangelization | Proclaiming the good news of Chirst

Involves the intentional and systematic efforts to nurture the faith of adults, youth and children in developing their relationship with Jesus and growing toward maturity of faith and to living committed lives as disciples of Jesus.

Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), “A spirit-filled evangelization is one guided by the Holy Spirit, for he is the soul of the Church called to proclaim the Gospel.” [Pope Francis]


OMG! Woof

Faith Formation with a "Game Plan"

Oh My God! Wonders Of Our Faith

This is not just game, OMG Woof is a Digital Classroom with a packed of surprises from our Catholic Faith.

Parent's I am reminding you not to be left behind by your kids. FOMO (Kuya Rich)

be in-Formed

Love Netflix? This is better and it's FREE!

Catholic? be educated with our faith and traditions

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Amen app

Meditation | Devotion | Daily prayer 

Free Catholic app that brings you beautiful prayers, faithful meditations and nourishing Scripture to draw your mind, body and soul to rest in God.


Laudate includes many awesome resources such as an interactive Rosary, Daily Readings, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Roman Missal changes, and the NAB and Douay-Rheims versions of the bible – all in a simple to navigate layout. But what makes this app shine for me is the HUGE selection of prayers – in both Latin and English!

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Be inspired, be educate, be informed, and catechized.


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Pandemic? We will keep evangelizing.

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Digital Apostolate

Serves to communicate information, educate and inspire the faithful

Communicating the mission, work and services of the Pastor, Parish, Prayer groups & ministries, and the Archdiocese of Newark, as well as the stories of the Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church in the Digital World

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